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Learning Corner

Fresh Air : Provide plenty of fresh air for chicks. Do not close up the brooder house to keep it warm. Chicks need fresh air, and air also carries moisture out of the house. The floor will be drier and the chicks healthier when proper ventilation is provided

Feeding : Proper feeding programs are necessary to produce good production performance. Complete feeds provide all nutrients at the proper level for each age. For small flock production systems, provide broilers a starter feed from 0 to 30 days and a grower feed from 31 to 120 days. Diluting in a feeding pattern post 60 days with a grain such as wheat, ragi& other greens will result in good performance with lower production cost.(Consult ABC before your dilute) Allow flocks to free range under green netted or restricted area,so that the flocks get exposed to natural sun light & take mud bath. Providing supplements of greens are best suggested to provide when the flocks are let out. We recommend to let flocks our from the house at least 3 hours each in early morning & evening every day. Waste vegetables, azolla, mulberry leaf, Loosan, green grass, cereals sprouts are best supplements. Flocks feather condition is best maintained when birds are free ranged.

Post 30 days ,extend the brooding area according to the chicks activities. However, practice partition of at least 10ft range inside the house in order to avoid hurdling mortality.

Immunizations : On the first day of brooding, provide chicks with glucose in warm water. Chicks might have travelled a while, thus needs some immediate energy boosters. Few hours later to have settled chicks in the brooding area, start with the starter feed ( Use crumbs & avoid mash feed as it may affect to indigestion)

Though these chicks are having better immunity than that of commercial broiler, just on a precautionary measure, vaccinations like 7th day F1/B1, 14th day – IBD+, 21st day LASSOTA (eye drops), are to be followed to prevent from probable diseases.

Marketing of Grown up birds : MysuruNaatiKkoli birds are well known for its authenticated purity on natural breed &quality of meat is in high demand across Karnataka & part of Kerala. An average buying price of the 1kg live bird from farm is between 160 – 180 rupees. We are tied with our distribution partners who are well mannered & loyal towards their transactions. The concern for farmers efforts in raring for 120 days of these birds are well recognized by us & thus ensures timely replacement of grown girds with fresh chicks.
ABC just holds the initiative to ensure that the farmers get best price for their product. However, it is not so mandate or restricted to sell birds only to ABC, but a farmer is free to sell if better price is offered.