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Energizing rural India

Todday we have witnessed the convertion of agricultural land to real estate & new generation at villages are modifying to urban culture. We have also seen that our villages are becoming a kind of pensioners paradise. But not many have realised the importance of strengethening the rural India.

We very much believe that the growth & development of rural India will have a vital role in economic development in the country like India. The Dream of Mahatma Gandiji to strengthening rural India, is the key plan by almost every government. In corrilation to that dream, ABC has put forth its best effort & working towards STRENGTHENING RURAL INDIA.

With our one of its kind project, we have revived 50 land less & illiterate farmers life by creating security for their financial needs with our rural egg collection network.

In FY 2013-2014, we floated nearly 50 lakhs of money in this rural egg collection network & expected to increase by 50 to 75% Year-on-year. The average monthly income of a member with this network is ranging between 12000 to 20000 per month.

Through our project, we revive & retain young generation of rural India at villages, where in the trend is to sell agricultural land to real estate & shifting to urban culture. We have created main source of income with our raring segment to more than 300 farmers & parallel source of income to many.

Our all set of operations is designed keeping in mind the development of rural India.