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About us

Warm welcome to MYSURU NAATI KKOLI – The boon to rural India!

Mysuru Naati Kkoli is a brand banner of August Backyard Chicken Pvt. Ltd.,

ABC is an idea that evolved to take rural India to the level of Corporates. We established in the year 2011 with R & D in a very small village called MALAGALU of Channapatna taluk in Karnataka & now based out at Mysuru. Backyard poultry meat (commonly known as NaatiKKoli) is well known & preferred for its Taste, Aroma & highly nutritional values as compared to the commercial Broiler meat. In India, poultry farming under backyard system is as old as its civilization, due to the changing rural scenario Backyard Poultry Farming has taken a back seat and unless we lay down a sound strategy, it would be impossible to revive this age old practice which is an important tool for nutritional security.

We procure eggs from our state-of-the art rural network & Hatch to sell day-old chicks across Karnataka. We are the fastest growing company & have been able to cater just 8.7% of the market demand. Rural entrepreneurship development with profitability to its stakeholders is the motto of ABC.

People appetite towards good & quality food is a trend in India & ABC is aimed to provide Organic meat through its innovative project of NAATI KKOLI. Rural network & their success in terms of profitability are our strength & motivation. Our researches & development has resulted in profitable business module across segment of operations such as egg collections, Hatching, Raring & Live bird marketing. We have track record of 10x growth in 3 years & growing average 2-3x year-on-year. Since it’s a one of its kind project, we do not have any competitors in terms of set up & operations.

We have technically qualified & dedicated team to cater with the fast pace of growth & opportunity.

With its study & pilot projects launched & positive results in its study center, has been successful in DEVELOPING RURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP through its new profitable raring concept. In consultation with the local animal husbandry department & through its private technical consultants, ABC Pvt. Ltd., has developed its own nutrition formula & feeding concept to retain the boon of natural aroma & flavor of the pure country chicken, reared in its farm.

Having understood the richer market demand, ABC Pvt. Ltd., has establishing its own HATCHERIES, in order to improve on the quality & hygiene of egg’s & day old chicks. Today, more than 500 farmers & 200 + retails outlets are energized with ABC’s successful business module. Taking forward generating good quality organic food is the motto of ABC.

The company operates a capacity of 60,000 hatching in Mysore unit. We Increased capacity in two years from 15,000 hatching in 2012 to 60,000 hatching in 2014 & Launched a Corporate office with full fledge of sales & service team in the year 2013 which also accommodates 50 farmers at a time to train. We launched a full-fledged training programs & technical immunization process in the year 2014 & are planning to open cluster – Controlled technical operations

Our focus is to bring in corporate culture and ideas in its rural product (i.e., Backyard Poultry) through various training program for centrally located flagship unit at Mysore. Trainings include Systematic raring process, Importance of Hygiene, Feed management, module driven to profitability.

We cater training programs to the farmers on our business association in our corporate office which will accommodate 50 seaters at a time.

We believe, we have just laid a foundation for the new era & we have a long way to succeed in developing rural India.

Promoter : Mr. Sagar Urs -Managing Director- ABCPL is a brain child of Sagar & before forming ABC, Sagar Comes with a wide experience of 11 years in sales & marketing. Have been associated in India’s top corporates such as Airtel- Telecom Industry, SBI-Loans & Other financial products & HDFC life – Life Insurance. Last assignment was with HDFC Life as a Branch Head-Mandya & holds an MBA degree in Marketing. Rural supply chain management has been his dream over the years. Academics specialization along with best of the practical experiences obtained in many leadership roles has been strength in holding to the challenges in innovative projects at ABC.